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2020 in Review

Safe to say, 2020 was a year no one expected to impact us the way that it did. Reactions ranged drastically. From burying ourselves into action to burying ourselves into denial, the Covid-19 crisis was, and continues to be, a time of reflection.

Artistically, I emerged from 2020 better than before. When faced with the unknown, what I wanted became clearer. I wanted to create again. I wanted that dream job.

Although the year ends without the dream job, I have to say that I pursued it without abandoned. It is disappointing, of course, but I end the year feeling proud of what I have accomplished.

I designed, and re-designed, and re-designed again cover letters, resumes, my website, and my approach. Nearly every piece of art on my website was created this year. Every day from morning until night I now had a pen in my hand again. I attended countless virtual workshops (often held around 3 or 4 am Japan Time). I had time to try ideas and workflows that before I felt would be too consuming to give a shot.

I buried myself in learning. I grew exponentially this year alone simply by focusing all of my efforts on my goals. While emotionally and physically, 2020 was confusing and full of extreme hardship, it also simplified everything.

What do you want to do with your life?

I need to grow.

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