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Stress? 8 Ways to To Refresh!

Who doesn't feel bogged down by stress? Here's a list of ways to take the edge off!

1. Controlled breathing

Simple, but this honestly is one of the fastest ways to release pent up emotion. Often, I find myself in a situation where a loved one has severe panic attacks. Taking the second, even when it's not wanted, to control breathe together with that person can flip the entire situation around.

2. Walk

Move the body, pause the situation, get that sunlight- all immediately will boost your mood.

3. Tidying Up

It's mindless work that can burn off that edgy energy while you reflect.

4. Restoration

Restoring anything - from worn shoes to old furniture, requires just enough undivided attention to shut down unwanted thoughts.

5. A warm drink

Warm milk at night can help relax and put you to sleep - at least that's what they say. Drinking a warm chai tea, coffee, or a hot lemonade comforts you from the belly out.

6. VR

An active type? Feeling like chilling is not the way to go? Ninja slicing a bunch of thrown fruit can help you sweat it out while you are mentally active.

7. Write it down

Why is it that writing something down works time and time again? It's because you're not fumbling, juggling, and cramming thoughts. Like a stuffed suitcase ready to burst, writing it down (even for it to be tossed moments later) will give you that little extra room to reorganize.

8. Moving!

I'm aware many loath exercise, which is why promoting any sort of body movement is a better alternative. Okay, so the treadmill and barbells break you out in a sweat on sight. I get that. How about crazed bouts of chase with the dog, actively swimming in the pool with your buddies, or rearranging the furniture?

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